J-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы
  • Air ProJ-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы

J-DT120 бір реттік 120 шаршы

120 квадратты кәсіби J-DT120 жалғыз жолды шығаратындықтан, сіз біздің зауыттан J-DT120 бір жолды 120 шаршы алаңын сатып алуға сенімді бола аласыз және біз сізге сатудан кейінгі қызмет пен уақытылы жеткізуді ұсынамыз.


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J-DT120 single pass 120 square locomotive Matching Terminal

1.J-DT120 single pass 120 square locomotive matching terminal is a patented product developed by our company for new energy vehicles, light rails, high-speed rails, motor cars, and locomotives. The material of terminals  copper and is equipped with a silicone sheath on the outer layer,Which can be better to protect the wire connection. Due to the unique structure of the terminal block, it can perfectly match the multi-strand cords used on the locomotive, and it can also significantly improve the problems of strand breakage and weak crimping that are prone to traditional crimping terminals. In addition, the new terminal developed by our company does not require crimping, it can be quickly connected and installed, not damage the wires, and has low temperature rise. Its mechanical and electrical performance have passed the laboratory tests of BYD and CRRC.

2.J-DT120 single pass 120 square locomotive matching terminals are used to connect new energy vehicles, light rails, high-speed rails, high-speed trains, and locomotives.

3.The terminal blocks are made of copper, and the outer layer is equipped with a silicone sheath. Different specifications and models of terminal blocks are equipped according to the size of the cord.

4.Connection performance test:
Power frequency withstand voltage test:
The test voltage is 6.5kV, the test time is 5min, there is no breakdown or Flashover

Power frequency withstand voltage Test voltage: 6.5KV: Test voltage: 6.5KV: qualified
Test time: 5min Test time: 5min
No breakdown, no flashover No breakdown, no flashover

Impact withstand voltage test:Impact withstand voltage test:
The test voltage is 40kV, and the positive and negative electrodes are 10 times each, without breakdown and flashover.

Impact withstand voltage Test voltage (peak value): 40kv Test voltage (peak value): (-39.80-40.58/39.70-40.83)kv Test times: 10 times for positive and negative electrodes No breakdown No flashover qualified
Test times: plus or minus 10 times
No breakdown, no flashover

Short-term tolerance test:
Test a 70mm2 product, load an instantaneous current of 8400A, and simulate an instantaneous short circuit.

Shell protection level test:
The dust-proof and waterproof level of the straight-through terminal can reach IP57.

Mechanical tensile test:
The national standard requires a tensile force of 60A, a connection area of 120mm2, and a tensile force of 7300N, which have met the requirements.


1: Can be individually customized according to customer needs

2: There are five colors: yellow, green, red and blue
3: According to the environment and industry, you can choose different terminal materials, such as silver, tin and nickel.

4: The above data are theoretical values, the actual product shall prevail for slight differences in the production process.

Single-pass connection product parameters measurement unit:mm

Product number Adapt to wire specifications Adapt to wire diameter Stripping length Total length A Width B Outer diameter C Thickness D Aperture E Bore F Sheath insulation Flammability rating
C-DT10 10m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢1.5 17 42.5 12 ¢12.2 2.5 ¢5.2 ¢6.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT16 16m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.0 20 53 15 ¢14.0 2.5 ¢8.2 ¢6.8 ≤10KV V0
C-DT25 25m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.5 25 64.5 19 ¢18.2 3 ¢8.2 ¢9.1 ≤10KV V0
C-DT35 35m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.5 28 71 20 ¢19.2 3.5 ¢10.2 ¢10.1 ≤10KV V0
C-DT50 50m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.0 31 77 21 ¢20.7 3.5 ¢10.2 ¢11.6 ≤10KV V0
C-DT70 70m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.5 33 84.4 23 ¢22.4 4.5 ¢12.2 ¢14.4 ≤10KV V0
C-DT95 95m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.8 40 95 25 ¢27.6 4.5 ¢12.2 ¢16.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT120 120m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.5 44 104 24 ¢29.8 4.5 ¢14.2 ¢18.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT150 150m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.5 44 111.5 34 ¢32.0 5.0 ¢14.2 ¢19.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT185 185m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.8 48 117.5 33.4 ¢36.3 6.0 ¢17 ¢23.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT240 240m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢2.8 53 128 36 ¢38.8 6.0 ¢18 ¢24.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT300 300m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢3.0 80 176 43 ¢46.6 7.0 ¢20.5 ¢29.0 ≤10KV V0
C-DT400 400m㎡Stranded wire ≤¢3.0 88 194 50 ¢53.6 7.5 ¢20.5 ¢34 ≤10KV V0

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